How do I see my monthly consumption?

  • The value inside the circle represents your total consumption for the current month.
  • Swipe screens to view the consumption from individual meters / locations in your apartment.

How can I see today's consumption?

You can see today’s consumption in two ways:
  • Compare the difference between the value yesterday and today.
  • Look at your last seven days history, tomorrow.

Can I see my consumption for previous month?

  • By default the current month is specified in the top left corner of your home screen.
  • Click on the downward arrow next to it to select the month of your choice from the drop-down menu.

The month for which I wish to view my consumption is not listed in the drop-down menu.

The app can show you your monthly total for any of the last six month. If the month you wish to choose is beyond the past six months then you can refer to your water bill for your consumption details.

Can anyone else view my consumption?

Your account and consumption details can only be viewed using your login credentials; i.e.; your registered mobile number (RMN) and OTP received on it.
For someone else to be able to view your consumption :
  • They should have access to your phone on which the app is installed. OR
  • They should have your login details as stated above.

Does the app reflect every single consumption I make?

The minimum consumption that can be recorded is 500ml. So whenever your consumption equals 500ml it gets recorded.

How will I know if there is an abnormal consumption in my Apartment?

Our system sends out an alert in case of an abnormal consumption in your apartment.
The alert is sent out in the following cases:
  • If there is a continuous water flow from a single inlet for 40 minutes or more.
  • If 200 litres or more is consumed in a single flow.

Can I check my consumption from individual meters fixed on different inlets?

Yes, to do so open your app and swipe left on your home screen to view your total monthly consumption from the individual meters in your apartment.

History & Trends

Is there a way to view my consumption trend ?

-Yes, you can do so by clicking on the circle in your home screen.This will show you the history screen
-Select the date range for which you wish to view your consumption and the graph shown below will help you understand your consumption trend.

Can I see my consumption history for any specified date/ month/ duration?

You can view your consumption history for the following three scenarios with respect to the current date :
(i)Last 30 days
(ii)Last month
(iii)Last 7 days

Can I see when was my highest / lowest consumption?

Yes, the three bars located next to the circle in the history screen depicts the following :
(i)Your highest consumption quantity and date of highest consumption.
(ii)Your lowest consumption quantity and date of lowest consumption.
(iii)Total number of alerts generated in your apartment within the selected date range.

Why is the value inside the circle in the home screen different from that in the history screen?

The consumption value shown in your home page represents your total monthly consumption whereas in your history screen what you see is your average consumption during the selected date range.

I selected a month from the menu in the home screen but I can’t see it’s history.

You can view your consumption history for the following three scenarios with respect to the current date :
(i)Last 30 days
(ii)Last month
(iii)Last 7 days

What does each point on the graph represent?

There are three different types of graphs, considering 11th Jan to be the current date, here’s an example which will explain the following.
(i)Last 30 Days :

Last 30 days
(i)Last Month:

Last month
(i)Last 7 days:

Last 7 days


How do I see my bill amount for this month?

Switch the toggle button to rupees in your home screen , on doing this the value inside the circle will now represent your bill amount this month based on your consumption till date.

When is my billing cycle date? Can I change it?

Your bill cycle date is mentioned in your water bill. Since the bill cycle date has been decided by your society authorities it’s common for all residents in your society so to change it you will have to get in touch with them.

How much am I paying per litre of water?

The tariff is set by your respective society authorities and it’s mentioned in your monthly water bill or you can contact your facilities manager to get your tariff details.

Can I pay my water bill online through this app?

No, we measure your water consumption and show you your bill amount based on your consumption so that you pay only for what you use . You must continue to pay your water bill towards your society as done previously.

After using your metering services my bill amount is higher than what it was earlier. Why is my bill so high?

Your bill amount is calculated based on the tariff set by your society and your consumption whereas previously you were paying a set amount irrespective of your consumption.

Alert Handling

How do I know if an alert is raised for my apartment?

You will receive a push notification on your registered mobile number, click on it to open the app and handle the alert.

When do I get an alert?

An alert is generated in the following two cases:
(i)If there is a continuous flow of water for 40 minutes or more.
(ii)If over 200 litres of water is consumed in one single consumption.

Is there a way I can stop receiving alert notifications?

No, the prime motive of the app is to enable users to monitor and control their consumption so if you disable alerts we will not be able to inform you in case of abnormal consumption in your apartment.

Can I stop my water flow if my meter does not have a valve?

Yes, you can do so by manually turning off your taps or water supply but it can’t be done remotely using the app unless your meter has a valve.

If I choose to stop my water flow when and how can I resume it?

There are two ways to do so :
(i)Set a date and time to resume:
Use this option when you are sure of exactly when you wish to resume your water supply so you can choose a specific date and time to resume your water supply.
(ii)Close now open later:
Use this option if you wish to stop your water flow but are not sure of exactly when you wish to resume it.

Will ignoring an alert prevent me from getting alerts in future?

You can ignore only the current alert but when there is a new alert raised you will get notifications for that which you can choose to ignore if you want to.

If I choose to close now and open later, when and how can I resume water supply in my apartment?

Whenever you wish to resume water supply you will have to contact your society admin , he/she will open your valve remotely.


How to get started with Sign-up / Sign-in ?

(i)If you are a first time user :
Sign up first , using either one of the three options provided.
(ii)If you are an existing user:
Sign in with either of the three option provided, if you’ve already signed up previously.

What is OTP?

OTP is the abbreviated form of One time password, it is used to authenticate the mobile number of a user.

If I buy a new phone , do I have to sign up again to start using Smartiffy on the new phone ?

No, you only have to download the app on your new device and login using your login credentials.

How can I change my RMN(registered mobile number)?

You can mail us at and set the subject to “Request to change RMN” and we will update our records and send you a confirmation on the same.

I am a paying customer but on signing up I’m being shown a demo version, Why?

This phenomenon may occur if there is a mismatch between your mobile number registered with us and the mobile number you have used in the verification process while signing up. So please ensure you sign up with your registered mobile number.

In how many mobiles i can use this app with the same login id?

Whenever you wish to resume water supply you will have to contact your society admin , he/she will open your valve remotely.