Pioneering Water Conservation with Smart Metering Technology

Explore how our innovative, cutting-edge smart meter technology is transforming water conservation efforts. Gain access to accurate granular water data, proactive nudges, and notifications to become a water-saving champion.

Ultrasonic | IoT based | Ultra-accurate | Type tested | Fail-safe design

Meet WaterOn: The Unrivaled Leader in Water Metering Industry
Smart Connectivity

High-precision, IoT-based ultrasonic technology for accurate water consumption data

Industry Leader

WaterOn dominates the water metering industry with unrivaled precision and reliability

Discover the future of water metering with WaterOn.

Rigorously certified to meet global standards, including OIML, MID, and IS 4064 Class C, our meters exemplify a commitment to precision and reliability

Delivering precise water measurement, billing accuracy, and data security while complying with IS standards for future-proof performance, ensuring peace of mind

Experience hassle-free water metering solutions with our turn-key installation process. We've perfected plumbing and pioneered the 1-2-3 Cut, Paste & Connect method, making it adaptable for high-rise apartments and villas

Developed to the highest design and quality standards, providing a 10-year hassle-free maintenance on its variants. Through continuous monitoring, our connected meters routinely transmit their health data, allowing us for proactive maintenance to extend their lifespan and prevent unexpected breakdowns

Accurate meter reading

SmarterHomes revolutionizes water metering with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing impeccable accuracy by eliminating the need for manual readings associated with traditional meters

Cloud-based infrastructure

Facilitates the transmission of water consumption data to the cloud, where it is processed and made accessible through a mobile app and dashboard. Consumers can access this data anytime, empowering them to monitor and gain insights into their water usage patterns

Tamper proof design

Facilitates the transmission of water consumption data to the cloud, where it is processed and made accessible through a mobile app and dashboard. Consumers can access this data anytime, empowering them to monitor and gain insights into their water usage patterns

We have brought the counter dial to a screen closer to you. And, enhanced it 3X Measure. Monitor. Control.

Meter Dashboard
Water Management on Mobile
Water Meter Dashboard


Different homes, different buildings, and different people need a unique solution. WaterOn variants are backed by superior quality cutting-edge technology.


  • A world class ultrasonic meter with wireless communication technology
  • Leakage detection

We are changing the world, one meter by meter

Join the revolution towards water conservation and play your part in making the world a better place for generations to come.

Water bill

Water Report Card: Beyond Billing

Experience the full spectrum of benefits with our Water Report Card, going beyond precise billing to offer complete control and valuable insights into your water usage.

Billing Transparency

Understand consumption patterns and water charges with detailed bill breakdowns, inlet wise

Cost Monitoring

Keep tabs on your water expenses for effective

Usage History

Access past consumption data, access usage trends for informed decision-making

Customized Tariffs

Choose from various tariff options – fixed, floating or slab-based tariffs to match your preferences

Automated Billing

Conveniently generate bills at the end of each billing cycle and automatically send to residents

Vendor Integration

Include water vendors for a comprehensive view of apartment level water spending

Neighbor Benchmarking

Compare your consumption to neighbors for efficiency insights and promote motivation towards water savings

Usage Behavior Clarity

Get comprehensive data like start and end readings, cost of water, total consumption and bills due for efficient insights

The Water Report Card provides all this and more, empowering you to manage your water efficiently and sustainably.

Weekly Insights: Stay Ahead of Your Water Usage

Stay informed and proactive with our Weekly Report Card and monthly bill prediction. 

Weekly snapshot | Previous Comparisons | Forecast upcoming bill

This report empowers you to identify and address any unexpected water issues promptly, ensuring efficiency and savings.

Weekly Consumption

Get a quick overview of your weekly water usage

Comparison Insights

Compare your current week's consumption with the previous week for instant trend recognition

Monthly Forecast

Receive a projected bill for the entire month, helping you budget effectively

Leak Detection

Identify and address any irregularities in your consumption promptly

Proactive Savings

Stay ahead of your water usage to minimize waste and reduce costs

Our Weekly Report Card keeps you in control, offering valuable insights to optimize your water consumption and budget.

Water Consumption Report

Game for a Greener Tomorrow: SmarterHomes' Gamification Revolution

Get ready for an exciting leap forward as we introduce gamification to inspire meaningful behavioral change! Our upcoming versions of dashboard and mobile apps will feature engaging gamification elements designed to motivate and reward users for their contributions to water conservation.

Interactive Challenges

Engage in fun challenges that encourage water-wise habits

Earn Reward Points

Get rewarded for your efforts and accumulate points

Discounts Galore

Redeem your reward points for discounts on your water bills and more

Beyond Water

Explore opportunities to use your points for exciting rewards beyond your water bills.

Join us on this thrilling journey to make water conservation a game worth playing! Embrace the future of SmarterHomes, where every drop counts, and every effort is rewarded.