Ever wondered how much water you use?

It's time to find out! Monitoring helps you save and conserve water. Unlock the power of water data.

Are you paying for what you use?

Just as you monitor your electricity usage, it's time to do the same for water. Imagine paying your water bill based on your actual usage, not a flat rate.

Ready to take charge of your water consumption?

With SmarterHomes, users save up to 35% on water bills.
Take control, conserve, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Summer of Sustainability

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Summer of Sustainability initiative for 2024

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Register for Water Wise Communities Award: Receive recognition and Award for water conservation efforts as a community

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Participate in Community Challenges: Engage in fun and interactive activities promoting water conservation.

Water Management
Empowering Water Efficiency and Sustainability

Our cutting-edge solutions enable you to measure, monitor, and manage your water consumption with precision

Accurate Data

Get immediate insights into your water usage

Reduce Consumption

Cut water usage by
up to 35%

Leakage Alerts

Receive notifications
for leaks

Fair Billing

Pay only for what you use, no more flat rates

Effortless Efficiency

Seamlessly optimize water usage for a sustainable tomorrow.


Take control and support sustainability

Explore Smarter Water Management

Experience the Future of Water Management with WaterOn

World’s first, fully automated and intelligent water meter from Axioma, works on the latest ultrasonic technology and is designed to ensure high accuracy and reliability

Product Pioneer
Ultrasonic Technology

Highest Precision,
delivers >98% accuracy

Affordable cost
Compact, Flexible & Sturdy

Simple cut, past and play model, wireless meters. No cabling or any other accessories related to power supply required

Ergonomic Design, Easy to Install

Any direction installation, does not require recalibration

wireless product
Real Time Monitoring
No Moving Parts

Fail proof, accurate data, ignoring air flow & reverse flow

Communication agnostic

Independent standalone device with LoRa connectivity & storage backup with end-to-end encryption(128-bit), hosted on industry leading Amazon cloud services

Real Time Monitoring
Smart Device Management

Compact construction with display on top of the meter

Water Meter Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard and Mobile App for Effortless Management

  • Monitor Water Consumption – Access accurate water consumption data for individual apartments
  • Detect Leaks - Instantly take action to stop water wastage
  • Insightful Analytics – Access detailed analytics on inlet wise consumption for each apartment
  • Water Billing – Generate fair water bills based on usage, payment option available from app
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WaterOn is working 24/7 to
deliver exceptional value to its customers.

Litres measured
Leakage alerts
Reduction in consumption* *Basis pre-metering consumption data as disclosed by the customers.

Our association has been using WaterOn app for the last 2-plus years. We are able to track and control the usage of water in the apartments. The alerts help us to monitor any leaks and take necessary action on time. It's a must-have for apartments with water issues.

Society - Purple Link, Bangalore

I am a Treasurer of a housing society. like many other apartments, we also depend on water tankers. Earlier, our water consumption was high which was resulting in high water charges. We installed the SmarterHomes water meters a few years back and our consumption has come down by 25%-30%. As we can track our hourly/daily water consumption through the app, everyone has become more sensitive towards water usage and they try to save water. SmarterHomes are also quick to attend to any complaints.

Society - Aban Humming bess Apartment, Bangalore

I have been using SmarterHomes water meter for the last 5 years. It’s a great product and works seamlessly. I have noticed in the last 1 year their customer service has been great. Quick and friendly.

Society - M R Prithive, Bangalore

I am from the Pritam Woods apartment in Bellandur and we have implemented the water meters from smarter homes. Our experience with smarter homes was very nice. We also went for a re-plumbing as initially, we had 5 inlets per flat and by re-plumbing, we brought it down to 2 meters per flat. SmarterHomes did the re-plumbing and water meter. Their team was very professional and the project was implemented smoothly. There were some minor complaints which were addressed promptly. Their app and portal are very nice and the water consumption has come down around 30% after the project is implemented. Society is happy with the water meters and I would recommend smarter homes for other societies to save water and save the earth.

Society - Pritam Woods, Bangalore

Our apartment is using the services of SmarterHomes for water metering and the usage of water in a smart way. It’s been very helpful and our society’s water consumption is reduced by 35% after implementation, mainly the reduction is in addressing the wastage/leakage of water as well as smart way of monitoring it. Thanks to SmarterHomes Services.

Society - Splendid Eternity Apartment Owners association, Bangalore

Our apartment is using the services of SmartHomes for water metering and the usage of water in a smart way. Within our price range, they offer us the greatest smart home solutions. I'm speaking of WaterOn, which aims to conserve water. Thank you.

Society - Pioner foundation, Chennai

It’s been very helpful and our society’s water consumption is reduced by 35% after implementation, mainly the reduction is in addressing the wastage/leakage of water as well as smart way of monitoring it. Thanks to SmarterHomes Services.

Society - Park View, Chennai

Happiest community in last 3 years to overcome water-related issues, fully satisfied with the state of art technology & services provided by smarter homes. They are helping us to save & conserve water and in turn, reducing monthly maintenance. After installing the smart meters at our Apartment, it brought great awareness among all the residents who are now able to proactively check water leakage alerts and remotely control the water supply from their mobiles. In case you have plans of installing water meters at your premises, believe me, you are at the right place.

Society - Sai Brundavan Apartments (KPHB 6th Phase), Hyderabad

I am delighted to share my positive experience with SmarterHomes and their water metering services. Their innovative technology and dedicated support have significantly reduced my water consumption, leading to substantial savings. The seamless integration of their system and their commitment to water conservation have made a remarkable difference. I highly recommend SmarterHomes for its effective solutions and exceptional service.

Society - Concrete Ragam, Hyderabad

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From Consuming to Conserving!

behaviour change

Empowering Through

Measurement empowers control, turning data into actionable insights for responsible water management

reward conservation

Promoting Mindful

We inspire behavioral change, transforming routine water use into conscious conservation efforts

trend monitoring

Fostering a Conservation

Our focus extends beyond savings to sustainability, fostering a culture where every drop counts for a greener future

We are changing the world, one meter by meter

Join the revolution towards water conservation and play your part in making the world a better place for generations to come.

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