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Even the most user friendly system can leave you with some questions. We welcome all your queries as SmarterHomes is built around 'your' issues. Please browse through the FAQs listed below to get answers on various common queries. You can tweet to us at @smartrhomes or post a comment on our Facebook page.

  • How will a water meter  help me in saving water? 

    Knowing how much water you consume is the first step towards water savings. Real time data about your water consumption on your smartphone helps you find water wastage in your home. Armed with this actionable data, you can now adopt simple steps to not only save water but also money.

  • My neighbour consumes most water in my community. 

    This is a feeling that most of us have before we start looking at our own consumption. The truth is that once we look at our own consumption we see that we are also wasting water which can otherwise be saved.

  • How much water and money can I save if I install water meters? 

    Research and our customer data shows that households who have adopted water metering, their overall consumption reduces by 35% in a couple of months and is sustained month after month. They are also able to reduce their energy bill as lesser water needs to be pumped to overhead tanks. Moreover, most apartments also get lesser sewerage bills.

  • I want to adopt water metering. What should I do?

    Brilliant decision. You should check with your RWA and ask what are they doing in order to adopt water metering in your housing society. You can contact us and share the details of your RWA and will make sure that they see value in adopting water metering.

  • People have told me that metering is not feasible due to multiple inlets. Is it true?

    Traditional water meter installation require tremendous amount of re-plumbing and narrow ducts in the buildings pose a challenge while installing. However, WaterOn meters do not require any complicated plumbing. Our installers come, cut a pipe and install the meters and you can start metering your water.

  • People say it’s very expensive to install water meters as it involves huge piping and labour costs.

    WaterOn does not require laying new pipes to connect water meters hence it is a significant saving n cost of hardware and labour. WaterOn metering solution costs approximately half of the traditional metering system.

  • There are multiple water inlets coming into my flat. How will WaterOn work?

    One of the unique features of WaterOn solution is that it deploys individual water meters at each inlet point. The SmarterHomes platform receives data from these meters and then unify in one household account. So, as an apartment resident you will see total consumption of all inlets and also individual data of each inlet. Installing in individual inlets also help in controlling water supply to just the inlet where there is leak instead of blocking supply to whole flat. The solutions minimises re-plumbing effort and cost completely.

  • Who will take the readings? Will I need to hire someone to take readings?

    Absolutely no-one. The system is 100% automated and consumption is reported to the system in real time and it's automatically computed at the end of your billing cycle like your phone bills. You will receive a copy of your bill in your email.

  • What about maintenance?

    WaterOn is an intelligent metering system. It even reports and escalates any potential errors in advance to the support desk and rectifies itself proactively. Our dedicated support staff is always there to help, in case something goes wrong. You can leave a message on our customer care helpline and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We might be so embarrassed that we will fix the problems and send you cookies too.

  • You say that the meters are self charging? What do you mean?

    Since it’s an electronic and wireless device it needs power to operate. The system doesn't take any power source from the customer and is completely self sustained. The hybrid system uses a solar panel and charger to power the Nuclious and the meters. The intelligent algorithms manage the battery charge cycle and prolong the life of battery.

  • Can I shut off the water supply in the event of a leakage?

    Absolutely. You can just log in to your dashboard and see if there’s an alert. You can easily close the water supply by the press of a button on the app.

  • I am going away for a vacation. Can I shut off supply? How will I get water when I come back?

    You can login to your user dashboard and go to Control tab. You can select a time and date to both shut off and resume water supply. The system will ensure that water is shut off in your absence saving you from any flooding or leakages and will come back on when you arrive.

  • How do I download the app?

    Currently the app is available for Android and iOS platforms. The most recent version of the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. For other platforms, you can request access to by raising a ticket to the SmarterHomes support.

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