Not just smart. It's intelligent.


An intelligent combination of the world's most successful water meter and cutting edge electronics offering more than just metering. The patent pending solution enables real time measurement, monitoring and control without taking any resources from the host building for operations and meter readings.

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Monitor each inlet in your home

A meter at every inlet lets you know the consumption at 'that' inlet. Now you are aware of the water usage pattern at each consumption in your home and can gain insights on how to reduce usage. And save.

Get instant alerts on leakages

The meters play a double role - along with metering they also detect leaks. Being connected devices they raise an alarm when they notice an abnormal consumption. Immediately.

Control at your fingertips

Left for a holiday and forgot to close the tap? No problem. With the app on your smartphone, you can now easily shut off or resume water supply to your home. Yes, from anywhere in the world.

Pre paid billing option

With the optional valve you can convert water distribution to a pre-paid model. Residents can buy and recharge their water quota whenever they want and as a utiltity provider you are free from accounts receivables.

Intelligent rationing

You can now do away with a time based rationing as it's not the most effective way to bring in water savings because most people let their buckets to overflow when there is supply. You can now guarantee residents a fixed quota irrespective of the hour. No need to fill buckets and store.

End-to-end automation

The system covers metering & billing seamlessly. You do not need a monthly 'meter reading' and collating activity. The bills are generated and e-mailed every month to every apartment. Automatically.

Backed by cutting edge technology

WaterOn is designed and developed keeping the challenges of meter installation in high rise and multi dwelling units in mind. Because housing societies are also utility provider to their residents, it is critical for a water meter to be utility grade as it involves transfer of custody & billing of water. Therefore, each meter adheres to multiple measurement standards such as IS4064, OIML, MID and AWWA for accuracy and material quality.

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Most advanced water meter for measuring individual consumption

  • Certifications

    Domestic WaterOn meters have a unique grooved piston within the meter measuring chamber to significantly reduce meter stoppages, enhance durability and improve performance. The meters are type tested in International & Indian labs and certified to conform OIML, MID and IS 4064 Class C standards.

  • Accuracy

    Commonly available flow sensors are just that - sensors. They give a very approximate value of the total flow. They may be good where one needs to know that a flow is happening and at what rate, but not where there is a transfer of custody for billing purposes. They do not have the same accuracy over the entire range of flow that can happen in day-to-day usage. They also do not have any mechanical register that can be used as a fall back. Hence there are no ISO certified flow sensors for totaliser counts. In future, sub metering may be mandated. This will mean that all sub meters are to be certified. So, if you want to be future proof; if you value peace of mind, then WaterOn is your partner.

  • Installation

    We just don't stop at selling you the water meter. We undertake complete turn-key implementation of water metering solution in your apartment. Over the years we have perfected the plumbing and installation process. We are the pioneers of 1-2-3 Cut, Paste & Connect meter installation process at each inlet making it possible for even high rise buildings to adapt metering. Our trained project execution teams develop a comprehensive installation plan by partnering with the facilities managers in your building. They make sure that the installation is a painless and unobtrusive process.

  • Maintenance

    The meters are connected devices and they regularly send their health data to our monitoring system. The health data includes various parameters such as total count, communication state, valve state and battery voltage. The system is self healing in case it finds any issue with any meter. With proactive maintenance we are able to prolong the life of the meters and prevent an unexpected breakdown. Our field support teams are able to handle any issue within a specified SLA signed with you. Our confidence in our processes enables us to offer 2 years end-to-end warranty and an affordable extended maintenance plan upto 10 years!


Different homes, different buildings and different people need a unique solution. Each variant is backed by our promise of quality, cutting edge technology and 2 year warranty extendible upto 10 years.




  • Hybrid solution of wired Rs485 protocol
  • and GSM Real time metering
  • Leakage detection & control with the help of optional remote valve
  • Solar powered with 10+ year battery 
  • In built data storage capacity for 45+ days
  • 10+ year life




  • GSM or WiFI or RF
  • Real time metering
  • Real time leakage detection & control with the help of optional remote valve
  • 3 year battery life (no valve)
  • External power supply (optional) to make it real time




  • Rs485 protocol Half Duplex
  • Multi drop
  • Settable slave address
  • Suitable for system integrators & industrial applications.
  • In-built battery or external power option available

How does WaterOn compare with others?

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Give your apartment the gift of water conservation & fair billing.

WaterOn is the world's first 100% automated metering system designed & developed in India for especially high rise apartment buildings and smart homes all over the world.

An all inclusive end-to-end solution includes WaterOn smart meters, all associated infrastructure, Zero Subscription free for life billing engine and standard plumbing*.

The meters come with a fuss free ownership experience, 2 year end to end warranty and a promise to bring fairness in your apartment complex.

Please fill the form with your details and we will contact you at the next opportunity to explain about the solution, its benefits and also conduct a site survey to give you an accurate quote.

*Only for pre-existing CPVC pipes with clear access to the ducts.
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